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public bench / contemporary / wooden / FSC-certified
BUS STOP SYMBIOSIS by Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto



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In order to advertise an event in the city struggled to creativity in the country, competitors were invited to think of temporary structures for the public space in downtown Porto, whose objective would be to temporarly improve the daily lives of people.

Apart from the reduced budget, the main selection criteria were focused on the search for an innovative idea and its appropriate integration into the selected site and determined that the proposal would need to be quick and simple to implement output: able to come and go in downtown without that nothing was destroyed when it was installed and not causing any damage when it was dismantled.

BusStopSymbiosis is new urban event: a friendly and colorful temporary installation appears next to an ordinary bus stop creating a new inter-urban relationship beneficial to both structures. Thus, it is an urban facility that aims not only to increase space for seating the existing bus stop, as well as entertain those who are still waiting for their transport or just strolling up nearby.

In this project the architects have chosen to use Red Valchromat. “We chose to produce BusStopSymbiosis in Valchromat, a material manufactured in Portugal and with unique characteristics in the world. Produced in various colours through organic dyes, this material consists of a panel of wood fibres and resin with a high physical-mechanical behaviour, a strong resistance to moisture and even a low effort in finishing”, said the architects.

Dinis Sottomayor, Diogo Aguiar, Teresa Otto, Manuel Magalhães e OPOLab

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