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Valchromat® decorative panel / for interior
MOST WANTED SHOES by Sérgio Pinheiro



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    for interior


In this project, black Valchromat was used for the shop fixtures and orange Valchromat was used for the Merrell display.
According to the designer, this project had to adhere to a few principles. They had to use a material with a "natural look which wouldn’t require painting and which had the same colour throughout its thickness”, and as for the Merrell display, the material to be used, in addition to possessing all the aforementioned characteristics, had to be “identical in colour to that of the brand – orange”.
According to Sérgio Pinheiro, once the essential principles were identified, “along with the benefits offered by Valchromat®”, the decision to use this unique material for this project was a straightforward one.

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