hot water convector / aluminum / stainless steel / contemporary



  • Type:

    hot water

  • Finish:

    aluminum, stainless steel

  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    linear, horizontal, floor


Trench heating from Verano® has been designed considering their primary usage in spacious interiors of domestic and light commercial buildings that may have many glassing façades. Due to this heating emitters from Verano® will suit perfectly to luxury apartments, office blocks, utility buildings, car showrooms, shopping malls or even church buildings – whilst everywhere, where building occupants may consider keeping optimal temperature being well composed to interior design esthetics and discreetness.

Trench heating is considered as a significant part of any modern heating system. Heating emitter that is assembled in a floor based, trench casing and covered with an elegant aluminum, wood or stainless steel grille would compose with a room in a based possible manner, as by being discrete-nearly invisible, it does not interfere with space or specific room character requirements.

In most case scenarios of interior design, it is recommended to place trench heating along the glazed façades and windscreens or French Windows keeping their length the same as façade/windscreen or French Window. Trench heating could be also placed along core walls and building corners.

Trench heating being used along facade would create an air curtain that will act as a natural barrier that separates cold and hot air, thus would restrict so called cold air draught at the low level of a room, would minimize heat losses whilst would increase the entire heating system efficiency.