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We design and build custom skateparks in concrete. We provide all the necessary work such skate parks. We work closely with local construction companies, so that the project funds are applied locally and the environment is conserved by reducing the effects of travel and transportation.

Price Estimates
Depending on the information you give us, we can give a rough price estimate in advance, before the project begins on the drawing board. The price of a cement skate park depends on various factors. Some of these are: the size of the area, the characteristics of the soil, the topography, the choice of materials, the construction procedures, desired shapes, execution and infrastructure, environment work and possible in-house production costs.

Basically it is possible to built a skate park in almost any area, even if it is small. It's also possible to build a skate park on different property levels. This means that we can implement a functional concept even on terrain with a slope.

Considering the Requests
There are different types of skate parks. A distinction is made between a skate plaza, an obstacle course, a bowl, a pool, a snake run or a flow area. There are different preferences in the group of users. Our goal is to cater to as many wishes as possible. Therefore, it is important for us to prepare by initially conducting a workshop with the future users.