horizontal-axis wind turbine / three-bladed / onshore
V162-5.6 MW™



  • Orientation:


  • Number of blades:


  • Type:


  • Rated power:

    5,600 kW (7,614 hp)


With a swept area of over 20,000m², the V162-5.6 MW™ applies the largest rotor size in the Vestas portfolio to achieve industry-leading energy production paired with a high capacity factor.

Due to the large operational envelope, the V162-5.6 MW™ is relevant for low to medium wind speeds and has extensive applicability in high average wind speeds. With a standard Sound Power Level of 104dB(A) and over 25 percent higher energy production than the V150-4.2 MW™, the V162-5.6 MW™ establishes a new benchmark in competitiveness.