steel beam chair / oak / 4-seater / indoor
LUOVA by Gabriel Särkijärvi



  • Material:

    steel, oak

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Vestre LUOVA takes its name from the Finnish for creative and makes different variations possible while you are sitting waiting, whether you are on the station platform, in the pedestrian precinct or at the gallery. The bench has four seats, which can be flipped through 180 degrees, with the user deciding which direction to face.

We often think that the typical park bench is occupied if two people are sitting on it, one at each end, which is a very inefficient use of space. Särkijärvi wanted to solve this with a dynamic piece of furniture that allows you to decide for yourself which way to face, depending on whether you want social interaction or not. And then there is the bonus effect of there always being a dry surface to sit on, even after a downpour. LUOVA fits in where you wait for a train or bus, in a gallery when you want to look at a painting together or alone, or in an urban meeting place, where you can enjoy a coffee with a colleague or have a private phone conversation undisturbed.

The bench is made up of four flexible seats and can be either concreted in (C) or bolted down using a baseplate (A).

The steel details are hot-dip galvanised (901) and designed for long-term use. Choose from nearly 200 different RAL colours for powder coating (900). All screws and fittings are supplied in acid-resistant or stainless steel.

The standard wooden details are Linax™ Royal pressure-treated Scandinavian pine (non- pigmented or brown). Other types of wood, such as Accoya® eco-timber, are available on request. Oiled oak is recommended indoors.

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