video corpo

indoor tile / floor / ceramic / matte



  • Location:


  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    wood effect

  • Thickness:

    10.5 mm


The last trends in interior design are shown in Halsa series. Wooden
ceramics in a wide range of trending colours; white, ash, jeans,
mustard, natural and lead tone in 25 x 75 cm size.
As a fjord drilled in a valley, Halsa coating has a grooved relief design
with pure lines that highlights the freshness of nordic style.
It includes Bokna, a geometric composition of wooden inlays in a nice
texture and available in the six colours of the series.
Following the Bokna’s matt aesthetics, Mildford Silver, Mildford
Bronze y Mildford Gold are a revolution in design with attractive
metal tones. An exciting and original bet for those who want to step
further in their wooden ceramic choice.
The wooden ceramics series' beauty is exalted with models Lyse,
Scoresby y Taco Sogne. Pieces to create stunning boiseries.
A simphony of textures, volumes and tones, the Halsa series will give
warmth to your atmospheres.