video corpo

indoor tile / outdoor / floor / wall



  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Installation:

    floor, wall

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Finish:

    matte, polished

  • Appearance:

    concrete look


Rift, a collection to create your own porcelain tile universe. Designs
that emerge from the heart of the planet, an explosive, intense and
overwhelming series. Available in format 60 x 60 cm and in the
spectacular 80 x 80 cm and in white, cream, cement and graphite
colours. Pieces in which are perceived shades of elements such as
earth, air and fire, designed for modern, practical and timeless
Another pillar in which are based the Rift series are the hexagons. In
23 x 26.6 cm size, the Rift Hexagonos are inspired by the prodigious
basalt columns to create spectacular atmospheres that climb a step
in style. The Hexágono Fingal, a geometric model whose colorful
composition reminds the treasures of the Scottish Hebrides. In an
attractive ethnic style, the Hexágono Igneus Cemento is the
expression of a rooted culture, a porcelain tile that connects to the
deepest instincts.
With Asian influences, the Russian islands where the Cape Stolbchaty
structure is settled served as inspiration for the Hexágono Kunashir
that combines geometry and ornamentation. The Hexágono
Yereban, youthful and cosy for casual spaces where not to risk too
much. The series is framed with the Hexágono Bushmills Multicolor,
a consistent and reliable model, which commemorates the footsteps
of giants who shaped the legend of Irish enclave The Giant's