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indoor tile / floor / porcelain stoneware / matte



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  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

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  • Other characteristics:



Laverton rejuvenates the essence of cotto to adapt it to a contemporary
style in a wide variety of models that respond to the latest trends in
interiors. It has a classic look with updated aesthetics that makes Laverton
a perfect option for any room. In matte finish and three earthy tones,
(Arena, Beige and Natural) Laverton is available in the outstanding 80x80
cm. format and 60x60 cm., with renewed graphics of a worn and aged style
that can seduce due to its simplicity.
Another pillar in which the series are based is the small size format.
Recovering the touch of the past, Dunster Natural (14x28 cm.), Bampton
Hexagon (23x26,6 cm.), Colton Octagon (20x20 cm.), and Buxton
Provencal (20x20 cm.) models, provide rhythm and plurality to the
collection. Designs with some touches of colour complete the series: Bibury
Multicolor are soft de-toned designs in 14x28 cm. format; Benenden
Multicolor Hexagon creates cheerful triangular effects; Turgis Multicolor
Octagon brings the romantic touch to the series with attenuated designs, and Cameley Provencal, a set of subtle earth tones combined with grace
and tradition.
Laverton series, a new approach to traditional spirit in harmony with the