video corpo

indoor tile / wall / ceramic / 25x75 cm



  • Location:


  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Shape and sizes:

    25x75 cm

  • Motif:

    plain, patterned

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    concrete look

  • Thickness:

    8.2 mm


Designs that help create a unique feel. Omicron wall tile series gives a unique personality to all kinds of settings thanks to an exquisite chromatic range, delicate reliefs and decorated pieces that enhance the daily beauty and provide an incomparable aesthetic value to surfaces.
Omicron is the first wall tile series for VIVES’s BASIC Tile collection. It is produced in 25x75 cm. (9,8x29,5 in.) format and it has a thinner and lighter thickness for easy handling and installation, maintaining all the technical properties and aesthetic qualities of a thicker wall tile.
In a matte finish with an irregular texture but remaining very pleasant to the touch, Omicron represents the value of simplicity and harmony at home. The four colours of the series (Nieve, Blanco, Gris and Crema) evoke the organic warmth of the stone that is transferred to the room. The series also features a wide range of reliefs and decorated tiles to combine in infinite ways with Omicron wall tiles: Available in all four colours of the series (Nieve, Blanco, Gris, Crema), Tilos, Symi, Citera and Kitnos are four fresh and different relief tiles with soft volumetric effects and varied aesthetics that fit the current needs of the market with its serene and eternal personality.
The series embellishes with Sikinos, Renea and Telendos wall tiles, of remarkable urban style with geometric designs that play discreetly with the light thanks to its matte and gloss finishes. They are available in four colours (Nieve, Blanco, Crema and Gris), which can achieve a pleasant feeling of wellness in any room.