modular sofa / contemporary / fabric / leather



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    fabric, leather

  • Capacity:


  • Options:

    with fold-down backrests


Frommholz’s design classic and "Winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2012", liberty pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with high-quality upholstered furniture. It builds entirely on the ideas of the Bauhaus movement by closely adhering to the "form follows function" motto: lightness and straightness. The armrests are available with a chrome frame that’s either polished or brushed with a look that underscores the aspirations of a modern classic.The range which includes different sofa sizes, corners, elements, armchairs and stools is rounded off by a matching console. The sofas in the series come with comfortable fixed seat cushions as well as upholstered backs that can be adjusted through 16 settings and thus meet the demands that excellent seating comfort must satisfy.