contemporary door knob / brass
AGAHO 9060



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φ100 mm
D: 45 mm
Material: Brass
Finish: Gold Polish / Silver Polish

Form generated through the exhaustive pursuit of function.
Simple but not minimal. Unique but harmonious. Functional, and yet beautiful. The design of Agaho originates in the approach toward such conflicting themes. Bringing out the innate beauty of the material. Forms that describe soft lines even though they look sharp, and finish that feel warm to the touch. Everything has been created with a thorough pursuit of function in order to express the spirit of hospitality that is present in the history of the name of Agaho. This is WESTs flagship series.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has an appearance similar to gold. It is a material familiar from ancient times as an interior product with elegant characteristics.
There are color choices of gold and silver to enhance space.

Gold Polish: This is coated with clear lacquer, which maintains the attractiveness of polished brass. Because it also prevents the patina peculiar to brass, daily maintenance is easier.

Silver Polish: This is a chrome-plate finish that fits simple space, making the most of the dignified feeling of brass.