rubber door stop / aluminum

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rubber door stop / aluminum rubber door stop / aluminum - AGAHO 13D


  • Material:

    rubber, aluminum


Material : Aluminium / Rubber

Form generated through the exhaustive pursuit of function.
Simple but not minimal. Unique but harmonious. Functional, and yet beautiful. The design of Agaho originates in the approach toward such conflicting themes. Bringing out the innate beauty of the material. Forms that describe soft lines even though they look sharp, and finish that feel warm to the touch. Everything has been created with a thorough pursuit of function in order to express the spirit of hospitality that is present in the history of the name of Agaho. This is WESTs flagship series.

Aluminium is the worlds most used metal after steel, mainly extracted form bauxite, and its supply is comparatively stable. In particular, aluminium is highly recyclable and the energy required to produce a recycled ingot from scrap is only about 3% of that required to produce primary aluminium. Because it is comparatively lightweight, it can be said that aluminium is also environmentally friendly in transport and delivery.

The surface is anodized after it is molded and polished, and a naturally silver oxidized layer is generated. Anodized aluminium has a unique soft gloss, feeling, warmth, and gentleness, which is very precious. Moreover, users do not need to be concerned with fingerprints on the surface, with the advantage of minimizing daily cleaning. Special color coated products is also available on request.