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contemporary boardroom table / wooden / rectangular / with integrated electrical outlet
LOGON by Andreas Störiko



  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Shape:


  • Options:

    with integrated electrical outlet, modular

  • Length:

    300 cm (118 in)

  • Width:

    Min.: 75 cm (29.5 in)

    Max.: 130 cm (51.2 in)


Geometry of aesthetics: Logon system tables in three different widths can be linked to create virtually endless table configurations using intermediate and corner elements. This means that there are hardly any limits to versatile configuration. Horseshoe, rectangular, open or closed configurations can be created with this system, depending on whether you want to hold team sessions, seminars or press conferences. There is also ample leg-room: the uprights of the table leg construction are positioned away from the edge and when linked, only one table leg is required. As an individual table, Logon is also available with castors. One way or the other: the elegant, filigree table with the characteristic T-shaped foot and the distinct edging profile is an optical highlight for any room.

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