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white board / black / freestanding / self-supporting
CONFAIR by Wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg



  • Type:

    white, black

  • Installation:

    freestanding, self-supporting

  • Material:



The Confair range is the perfect example of image building and innovative force combined. High-quality details, excellent materials and a distinctive design boost team spirit and the impression created. At the same time, the range’s modular, easy-totransport structure and innovative functional details encourage participation, personal organisation and interactive skills. And it saves on overheads for rooms and facility management to boot. It is no surprise that Confair has set an example in the industry worldwide as a new type of furnishing concept. In terms of function and superb design, it is a good choice for workshop, project, seminar and conference settings. Confair folding table

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