industrial use container / for offices / storage
32' X 8' COMBO



  • Domain:

    for industrial use

  • Market:

    for offices, storage


Perfect when you need a little of each, this versatile office trailer gives you an office and storage container in one tight package. This unit includes 80 square feet of office space and 144 square feet of portable storage. It is made with durable, high-quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical, and mechanical codes. This model also provides a wide-open floorplan and is supported by the best customer service in the industry. The Essentials offer a variety of options to ensure your portable office trailer is ready to work from day one.

Our 32' x 8' mobile office/storage combo trailer:

Creates a secure, more efficient jobsite for any project
Easily relocated from one job to the next
Accommodates engineers, architects and road crews during each phase of a project
Allows for the storage of tools, supplies, equipment and anything else your job requires
Furnishes onsite working space for subcontractors as well as shelter from inclement weather
When you have access to comfortable, convenient office space, your business operations flow more seamlessly. Our 32' x 8' combo trailers can help keep your operations on track and moving forward. No matter what space challenge you are trying to solve, you can be confident our mobile office trailers meet your needs.

Length: 32' Long (including hitch)
Width: 8' Wide
.019" aluminum or wood siding
Insulated walls, ceilings and floor
1/8" vinyl floor tile
Fluorescent lighting
Electric heating and AC
Sliding windows
36" x 80" lockable steel exterior door
10' x 8' Private Office
18' x 8' Storage Area