steel office unit / 3-drawer / 2-drawer
WINEA TOOLZ MYBOX by Uwe Sommerlade



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    3-drawer, 2-drawer


Space saving and always at hand: WINEA TOOLZ MyBox (Design: Uwe Sommerlade) is the compact and intelligent storage solution for all personal items kept in the office - regardless whether you need a place for your keys, purse, papers, bags, clothes or other things. The small and, when needed, lockable steel drawers are mounted directly to the underside of the table top. They can be combined flexibly with each other. The suspended fabric folder is a useful additon to the MyBox range. It takes up to 4 ring binders, bags, notebook cases, helmets etc. and can be attached underneath the drawers. Thanks to its high modularity and upgrade potential the WINEA TOOLZ MyBox range is a space saving alternative to the conventional pedestal.

As a standard WINEA TOOLZ MyBox is a perfect addition to the ranges WINEA PRO and WINEA ECO.

Finishing details and options: Basic and add-on modules, full pull-out on ball-bearing runners, ‘Push-to-open’ mechanism, lockable drawers, suspended fabric folder, drawer mats and pencil tray.