modular house / prefab / contemporary / wooden frame



  • Type:

    prefab, modular

  • Style:


  • Framing:

    wooden frame

  • Other characteristics:

    energy-efficient, two-story, with terrace


Quicker to construct: On account of assembly line production processes, WWL Houses is able to build houses 70% quicker than traditional brick and mortar. The full production cycle from input supplies, design to assembly and on site erection is 60 working days, while on-site erection takes place in 3 days.
Larger Scale: Using factory based production principles permits WWL HOUSES to scale up production using up to 3 shifts a day.
Commercially Advantageous: Due to the scalability and speed of production WWL HOUSES is able to build houses in a commercially viable way. In particular, quicker construction unlocks capital that would otherwise be tied up as the homebuyer pays for a mortgage on the new house but at the same time has to pay rent while waiting for construction to end. For a property developer, a quicker turnaround time to complete a development brings huge commercial gains and savings.