garden fence / for athletic fields / for construction sites / for green spaces



  • Applications:

    garden, for athletic fields, for construction sites, for green spaces, playground, industrial

  • Configuration:

    wire mesh

  • Material:

    galvanized steel

  • Other characteristics:



Zaun’s Duo6 double wire fencing system is our most popular perimeter fencing system. Combining a perfectly engineered robust design with a low visual impact that will blend into any situation.

The Duo6 double wire fencing system is manufactured from dual horizontal 6mm wires sandwiching a single 5mm vertical wire. This produces a 50mm x 200mm mesh pattern that is not only strong and vandal resistance but also offers the best value.

Duo6 is widely specified in both private and public sectors and has proven itself time and again.

The Duo6 system is available with a choice of fixing options. Our well-established ZaunFix fixing or a full length clamp bar to cover the panel ends ensuring there are no edges exposed on the panel on which people might snag themselves and also makes levering the panels away from the post extremely difficult.

The Duo6 double wire fencing solution is available with gates designed to suit the fence line and can be supplied in your choice of RAL colours.

Each post can be supplied for dig in-ground, bolted down or cranked over the wall, depending upon your requirement.

A wide range of fence toppings can also be supplied to compliment your perimeter protection solution.

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