hot water radiator / metal / contemporary / low-temperature



  • Type:

    hot water

  • Finish:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-temperature, wall-mounted, vertical, horizontal

  • Power:

    501 w...750 w, 751 w...1000 w, 1001 w...1500 w, 1501 w...2000 w, 2001 w...2500 w, 2501 w...3000 w, 3001 w...3500 w


An attractive radiator solution specifically for the low temperature range. Zehnder Nova Neo satisfies all requirements. Compared with underfloor heating or conventional radiators, the low temperature radiator has a considerably shorter heating-up phase when operated at the same system temperature. Zehnder Nova Neo delivers comfort and heat even faster through its built-in fans. Available in numerous colours and finishes from the Zehnder colour chart.

Energy efficient as it is compatible with heat pump and/or low-temperature systems
Quiet, built-in fans with easy to operate three-speed controller for a considerably shorter heating-up phase, more performance and, in turn, more convenience and comfort
Integrated dust filter for improved air hygiene
Simple to install with (invisible from the front) wall panel
Short response time means rooms can be heated up rapidly
High thermal output means large rooms are heated up rapidly
Grilles ensure safety and create an attractive look