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intensive green roof system / for flat roofs

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intensive green roof system / for flat roofs intensive green roof system / for flat roofs - URBAN FARMING


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    for flat roofs


A vegetable garden on the roof offers many environmental benefits. Supply routes and emissions are minimized, as the garden is close to the consumers. Short supply routes also mean that the goods are fresher when delivered and, therefore, tastier. And, the plants filter pollutants from the air, thereby contributing to an improved climate in towns and cities.

However, in order for market gardening to actually work in an extreme location such as a roof, all relevant factors must be taken into consideration. ZinCo has, therefore, developed the system build-up “Urban Rooftop Farming” as a permanent reliable solution. The drainage element Floradrain® FD 40 is at the heart of this build-up.

With 20 cm ZinCo system substrate, this build-up is suitable for fruit and vegetables such as lettuce, onions, herbs, zucchini, eggplant, squash, cabbage, melons, strawberries and such like.

For vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, green beans, raspberries, blackberries, currants and such like a substrate depth of 28 to 40 cm is recommended.

The amount of fertilizer and irrigation depends on the requirements of the cultivated vegetable species and on local climate conditions. The use of an organic fertilizer is recommended. To minimize the impact on the runoff avoid overfertilizing. The specific requirements of a roof location (e.g. wind, structural requirements, water run-off) must be observed when planning.