contemporary dining table / oak / MDF / American walnut
CROSSTABLE 3-BEAM by G.der.Kinderen



  • Style:


  • Material:

    oak, MDF, American walnut

  • Height:

    75 cm (29.5 in)

  • Length:

    Max.: 280 cm (110 in)

    Min.: 200 cm (79 in)

  • Width:

    Max.: 160 cm (63 in)

    Min.: 120 cm (47.2 in)


Sturdy base supports an egg shaped table top. The egg shaped table top works multifunctional. You can use it to dine with two at the small side, to read your paper, to work on your laptop on the large side, to use it as your desk sitting at the large side and conferencing at the other side, to dine with a lot of friends, all face each other, to

This table stands out in the crowd and will give you pleasure using it. This table makes you happy.

Pure design, pure craftsmanship, ZinX is all about pure furniture.

Sizes (l x w x h): Different sizes are available in L or XL version: 200-280 x 120-160 x 75 cm. Special sizes on request.

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks in The Netherlands. Europe 5-7 weeks. Outside Europe inquire.

Materials: Wood: available in solid oak, solid American walnut and in MDF in any RAL CNS colour. Oak can be stained in different colours. Specials on request.

Can be used as a dining table, executive or working desk, conference and meeting table, restaurant table.