Ado urban

Who we are

Ado is a Spanish company with more than 41 years of experience in construction, manufacturing all types of barriers, fences, aluminium, doors, automatism,... specialized in urban furniture and road signalization.

Since 1975 we continue to grow, designing and expanding our range of products in the area of Street Furni­ture, Road Signs, Automatism, Fences and Locksmithing. In this way, we are one of the companies which of­fers the greatest variety of products and services to the customer within the market.

Our begining in the manufacture of Street Furniture was caused by the growing demand coming from our customers (Municipalities, constuctors, designers, etc.), who were asking for another type of street furniture, different from the one already offered in the market, which came from the Oriental markets, a furniture with better quality and innovative designs.

Our values