Who we are

Adventys develops, creates, manufactures and markets professionnal induction equipment for the food industry. The company is based in Burgundy, France, a place where food is culture. Hundred percent of the creation and manufacturing process happens within its walls. The company values are improve, innovate and international.

100% of the manufacturing process is on the site in Adventys’ factory, in Burgundy, France. Our company is composed of 40 employees who work within different services:
- An electronic workshop
- A metal workshop
- The R&D department (6 people)
- An assembly line
- A sales force

Besides, we have a 150m² showroom as well as a kitchen for demonstration to present our various ranges of marketed devices and organize sales or technical trainings for our customers. The fact of making our products in France strengthens the “Made in France” side and then allows our company to control all the manufacturing process to guarantee quality and flexibility, while handling our costs.

Our R&D department is continuously working on improving our technology and creating products. Investing in R&D is essential for Adventys in order to offer the best quality and unique design.

This department is essential to Adventys’ activity. Not only do we invest to innovate into new products, new technology and new design; but we also constantly work on improving our existing units.

Our values

Our know-how makes our products special; our employees are highly skilled and have long experience in creating the best equipement. We garantee the highest quality because our company respect the highest standards.
Adventys has means CAD allowing to realize precise mechanical parts and validate their assemblies by 3D simulation. We also possess means of electronic conception, constantly updated by the acquisition of new tools of development and by the training of our technicians and engineers. A reliability test room allows to confirm the reliability of our devices before they’re marketed. The will to obtain a well-kept design of our products (which make Adventys a reference on the market)
requires important investments on the field of the fine sheet metal workshop. Thanks to our modern machines, pieces in stainless steel entering the composition of their product, are completely realized in their buildings.

Every product is tested before leaving the factory: in fact it is tested 3 times through out its building process. Adventys is an independent company, and is big enough to have high ambition, but small enough to be flexible and create custommade or bespoke projects.