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Who we are

AGORAphil is a young Berlin based company rooted in Sweden. We manufacture and sell acoustic elements in all shapes, sizes and combinations: acoustic panels, room and desk dividers, ceiling banners and individually shaped panels. Our sound absorbers work on the highest absorbing level and enrich their surroundings with their multifunctionality. Furthermore allow our flexible conditions special sizes and applications on demand.

Why room acoustics though? It is a known fact that noisy surroundings lower both productivity and individual soundness. A loud soundscape belongs to one of the main reasons for psychosomatic sufferings. The concerted reduction of acoustic noise leads to an increase in both productivity and well-being.

So what kind of spaces profit from acoustic elements? Well, every area place with sound-reflecting surfaces: Open Space Offices, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, banks and nursing homes. 

All in all: Your circumstances determine our execution. 

Our values

AGORAphil stands for quality, flexibility, orientation on customers, innovation and health. Which means ...

... that our products are excellently manufactured, multifunctional and sustainable.

... that we offer extensive consultation to create the right acoustic solution.

... that we continuously improve ourselves and our products - we're always on the quest for solving difficult acoustic problems. 

... that we're seeking for our share to transform working culture in a healthier culture.