Alan Mizrahi Lighting

Who we are

Alan Mizrahi Lighting is known worldwide as the dynamic contemporary chandelier brand, which is re-defining the nature of crystal chandeliers. Already experienced chandelier designers for other companies when they set up Alan Mizrahi Lighting together in the New York and Dallas marketplaces in 1989 to explore the contemporary potential of crystal chandeliers. Their knowledge of technical issues is considered not only world-class but also probably unmatched. Alan Mizrahi Lighting has developed an aesthetic, which has brought them to the attention of a deeply fashionable design crowd. Alan Mizrahi Lighting has entirely re-invented how crystal can be used, stripping back the old idea of an overburdened chandelier to its essentials, and bringing a fresh, airy, contemporary quality to classic materials.

Since starting the company in 1989 Alan Mizrahi Lighting has collaborated with many leading designers, architects and Light planners.

- One of Kind project based Lighting Fixtures
- Our Vision on Crystal Chandeliers designed to fit your special Interior
- From sketch to realization
- Chandeliers for cruise ships and casinos
- LED Chandeliers

Our values

Alan Mizrahi Lighting designs are manufactured with the best crystal available, but they also utilize other materials like Murano Glass, Handmade Antique Glass, Alabaster, Aluminium, Silicon, Wood or Silk in different combinations. We constantly explore new technologies to realize our ideas.

All metal work is done in brass, aluminum, or stainless steel for large fixtures, and we can do all kinds of surface finishing such as 24 carat Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Silver plating, antique finish... We select the best materials and pay attention to every single detail resulting in chandeliers that will last a lifetime. Alan Mizrahi Lighting is developing new designs almost daily, to find the perfect solution for each individual client. We have a different view on chandeliers and look for unconventional solutions, developing new techniques bring our ideas to fruition.

Alan Mizrahi Lighting is not only manufacturing our own designs but also working with the architects and interior designers, translating their sketches into decorative lighting pieces or architectural modules. This means the most beautiful solution within the bounds of your budget. It goes without saying that we are also able to design and produce chandeliers in every classification from classic to contemporary, or even traditional Arabian to mid-century colonial American styles.

Together with the architects and designers at the site, we offer to take care of the decorative lighting concept design and find the adequate solution for every situation. All information needed for the fixing of the chandeliers is prepared by us, well ahead of the actual installation. Templates and technical information are made according to the specific situation. Our chandeliers come with easy to understand installation manuals. Alan Mizrahi Lighting has also an installation team operating worldwide at your service. Alan Mizrahi Lighting designs are first visualized photorealistic in 3D Software to maximize the design and to view the fixture in real perspective from any angle. These images are not like artistic sketches, every file is made of the thousands of crystals, metal frames etc.. and very close to reality. We also use this data to be able to calculate very precisely the costs of each design. Based upon plans and samples from our clients we can integrate our designs virtually, to judge their looks and sizes.

Founded in 1989 in USA New York the Alan Mizrahi Lighting Company has over 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing prestigious, custom-made light fixtures for commercial and residential settings. These settings include hotels, palaces, conference centers, opera houses, and cruise ships, as well as private homes. Our current portfolio of 8,000 designs includes both historical and contemporary fixtures from our own design department.

Moreover, for the past century, we have collaborated closely with leading international architects and interior designers on diverse projects worldwide. These collaborations have enabled clients to select different designs and materials from our portfolio or to use their own creativity to design original custom pieces. In either case, Alan Mizrahi Lighting has used the designs to produce the highest quality fixtures that meet client demands and project requirements. These collaborations have been very successful and have resulted in many satisfied clients whose projects all over the world, especially in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, are included in our reference materials.

Alan Mizrahi Lighting offers customized services to suit our clients' needs. These include comprehensive design and production packages as well as individual services such as conceptual design, technical drawings, manufacturing, and on-site installation supervision. In addition to designing and manufacturing new products, our company uses the unique knowledge and expertise of our in-house specialists to repair and restore older chandeliers and other light fixtures. Alan Mizrahi Custom Lighting is a small tight-knit group of leading-edge designers and creative specialists making beautiful and inspired custom lighting for a wide range of global clients. We are a fast-moving and industry-leading design studio with high growth potential and an established worldwide presence.