Who we are

1939-2019: 80 YEARS OF AMBROGI

For eighty years Ambrogi have been manufacturing professional wood and gas-fuelled ovens for pizzerias and restaurants in Italy, and selling them worldwide. Our products are the result of decades of experience, and are made in the best Italian artisan tradition.

Ambrogi, the tradition that makes all the difference.

Ambrogi is an established and traditional Milanese firm that has developed a successful solution for cooking Neapolitan-style pizza.

We are specialised in the construction of ovens suitable for cooking Neapolitan-style pizzas, traditional pizzas and tray pizzas.

Back in 1939 Primo Ambrogi, expert flue technician, built his first wood fired pizza oven in a renowned restaurant in Milan, he could not imagine the future of this new work.

Years later, his heirs Franco and Pieremilio didn’t imagine that with a fully assembled oven model that was simply designed to satisfy the most distant customers, they would have created a new market worldwide.

Thanks to the choice of materials, the shape of the cooking chamber, the long experience, and thanks to word of mouth advertising by our satisfied customers, the “Ambrogi” business is now in its third generation and its professional pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular, appreciated and demanded everywhere.

In 2019, Ambrogi celebrates eighty years in business. From the firm’s origins to the present day, it has continued to specialise, gaining unparalleled experience, excellent skills and 100% Made in Italy tradition. Constant innovation in manufacturing processes and close attention to customers’ needs make our name synonymous with reliability and competitiveness.

Ambrogi, the tradition that makes the difference

Our values

Ambrogi ovens are built entirely by hand by a highly-qualified team, to maintain the excellent quality our customers expect and to continue our longstanding artisan tradition.

We are specialised in the construction of ovens suitable for cooking Neapolitan-style pizzas, traditional pizzas and tray pizzas.

Made in Italy: our products are made entirely in Italy using certified materials and in accordance with Made in Italy standards.

Quality: Ambrogi ovens are built entirely by hand by our qualified team.

Besides our customary precision in the execution of our products, we are extremely exacting in our selection of raw materials. The specific alloys we use ensure exceptional durability and high-quality cooking, prevent temperature fluctuations and dispersion and minimise fuel use.

Experience and expertise: consolidated know-how and decades of experience are our best guarantee.

Our respect for Italian artisan tradition, combined with our constant quest for innovation and improvement, maintains the high quality our customers have come to expect.

Design: Ambrogi ovens are recognisable at a glance. They are uniquely attractive, solid, elegant and compact, traditional in style and suitable for any working space, from classic to modern. The various models of Ambrogi ovens provide an unparalleled solution to issues of space, organisation and insertion in new or existing facilities.

The recognisable and classic design of our products has always been an advantage, for us and for you. The undisputed reputation for quality associated with the Ambrogi name will have an immediate impact on the service you seek to provide in your business,

The wide range of sizes means our ovens can be installed in any existing setting, or provide the central point for the design of a new venue. On consideration of the available outer cladding in stainless steel or copper panels of various types, you can choose the one that's most appropriate for your decor. Alternatively, thanks to their excellent heat-holding properties, the ovens can be clad to suit you, making them completely personalised and unique.

Ayou, making them completely personalised and unique.