Who we are

Antico Trentino Srl is an Italian company, manufacturer of flooring (wide planks, tiles or chevron), panels (cladding, doors, countertops, bar tops etc.) and furniture in old reclaimed wood since 1976.

Among the essences we treat: oak, fir, apple, briccola, elm, alder, walnut and many others.

Reclaimed wood can be divided into "first" and "second" patinas: first patina means the original wood lamella, with its cracks, knots and irregularities typical of the wonderful old wood; the second patina is the one obtained by cutting off the first patina, it is always a rustic solution, but less "ruined" and rough.

Prices depend on the wood essence, quantities, thickness and other details.

Alternatively, we can also supply slats with extra-large widths or all the floors indicated above using “new” wood.

The Lebrìc Design collection is instead dedicated to tables and furnishing accessories in wood and epoxy resin.

These products are made to measure thanks to the skilful combination of various wood essences combined with the elegance of resin to decorate your interiors with style and design. We have used the best technicians for the past 10 years, during which we have experimented with the best techniques reaching a level of excellence in this sector. We do not have a predefined price list as each product is made with reclaimed wood, so each is not identical to the other, it is different and unique. To make prices we therefore need to have as many details as possible (type or design of the table, dimensions, finish, legs, etc.).

Our values

We work with old reclaimed wood with passion and love.
This mean that defects are virtues, size and diameters are different. Our aim is to preserve the original beauty of the wood.