Antiga Primo-Secondo & C.

Who we are

The company ANTIGA is a family-run business, producing high quality technical chairs and tables, for the external and internal furnishings of the best public premises.
Luigi Antiga “Gio”, founder of the ANTIGA Company in 1925, was a pupil in the early 1900s of the Panierai school of Barbisano, Treviso, where he learned the art of reed and weaving.
The following generations, in particular that of the twin-brothers Primo Antiga and Secondo Antiga, have been able to carry on the art and the craft of their father Luigi, maintaining their know-how.
Thanks to the skill of the master craftsman Secondo Antiga, named “Master of Work” by the Veneto Region and the municipality of San Pietro di Feletto, we managed to create unique and successful models, still made today by his sons and grandchildren, who have the task of carrying on the small, large family workshop, now in its third generation.
ANTIGA products are protagonists of the best squares in Europe and have always been a point of reference for all producers in the sector.

Our values

Our team currently has 15 highly specialized people including Antiga Attilia, Antiga Idolino and Antiga Flavio. Another 25 professionals in the sector work every day and co-operate with the Antiga team for the perfect result of the product and service.