Who we are

We specialize in custom-made interior doors with added value

Anyway Doors has been studying the characteristics and applications of modern interior doors since 1995. Not only are doors the most used building element in any residential construction, they also cover a fair percentage of the wall surface area. All the more reason for the client to pay extra attention to doorways.

Pivoting Room Divider receives Red Dot Awards for its innovative features

Create a true design statement with our impressive "Room Dividers”. The invisible pivoting hinges are mounted on top of the floor surface, without integrated floor fixtures. The minimum floor anchoring (2 bolts +-4cm deep) allows for easy installation on any type of floor even when equipped with underfloor heating systems. The compact hinge system features a high-tech comfort closure which works in both swing directions, allowing our pivot doors to revolve up to 360°.

Modular wardrobe systems

After 15 years of innovation, we applied our accumulated knowledge to modular wardrobe systems. The result is an interesting and highly functional range of DRESS-A-WAY wardrobes and DRESS WALL walk-in closet systems.

Our values

Whoever thinks doorways, thinks Anyway!

From the start ‘re-inventing the door’ was our mission and insulation, ventilation, privacy, security, maintenance, and durability are of course important considerations in this engineering process. After numerous technical improvements, we are able to provide a smart door concept that is dateless, attractive and offers solid added value to your home and your living comfort. With their minimalist design, ANYWAY customized interior doors distinguish themselves in more than 15.000 residential projects.

Our newest pivoting "Room Divider" concept has received multiple prestigious awards during various international design contests since it was launched.

Red Dot Award 2015 - winner - category: product design
AZ Awards 2016 - winner - category: best architectural product
Architizer Awards 2016 - "special mention" as an industry leader for architecture and design

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