aralia - LYX luminaires

Who we are

LYX luminaires

offer a wide range of outdoor lighting using low consumption LED,
including personalized products.

Spots to light up a tree, a wall, a sculpture, …

Pathway lights to brighten alleys, a patio or a terrace...
a whole range of customized lights to create your own unique effect.

Wall lamps for entrance, portal, frontage, …

Lamps for a garden, a lawn, a pond, …

… And torches to stick into your lawn and illuminate your parties.

The whole collection is equipped with low consumption LED.

Our values

Made in France

The lamps frames are made in France, under ISO 9001 protocol.

Each piece is the fruit of a close collaboration between design team and craftmen.
The refined end product is the result of stream lined manufacturing as well as
optimization of the material used.

Dimensions and appearance of each product are strictly monitored.
A treatment of the raw steel guarantees perfect and a long lasting result.

Low consumption

LYX lamps are fitted with a waterproof light source for outdoor use.
LED lamps – 220 Volts – 10 W – 'white hot' - 2800 à 3000° Kelvin) - 700 lumens
life span : 30,000 hours