Arbloc srl

Who we are

Arbloc is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-grade polystyrene concrete formwork for advanced building needs and sophisticated architectural projects. Thanks to excellent concrete formwork design, we create effective solutions for concrete construction, combining accessible format, benefits of polystyrene materials and improved aesthetic results. High quality of PS-products from Arbloc covered a wide range of application: from the renovation to the realization of new buildings, from reproductions to new architectural expressions. Using flexibility of this thermoplastic polymer, Arbloc supplies formwork for cornices, cemetery niches, columns, fair-faced elements, made-to-measure and customized ornamental objects.

Thanks to polystyrene, the concrete in formwork can assume the desired shape in line with high resistance. Moreover, PS-material can be cut into a great variety of layers with CNC cutting machines. The aesthetic appearance of concrete is characterized by coating and reinforcing the formwork in various materials in order to offer specific surface finishes. Over 25 years of experience in concrete formwork design and construction which has provided us with a vast technological know-how, enabling us to create state-of-the-art products for increasingly enhanced results.

Our values

Arbloc's expert technicians and commercial personnel represent the strongest point of the company. Our skills, experience and professionalism are always at the customer’s disposal.