Who we are

Arcadia Componibili is part of the Gruppo Penta involved in the production and marketing of furnishings and partitions for the office.

Characterized by an extreme quality of the assemblies and by a big attention to ergonomics and design features, the Arcadia production boasts an offer that covers most of the needs of the furniture of the modern office.

An office which place at the center of an open space without barriers the modern man at work: for him Arcadia draws its furnishings. Glass, steel, wood and colors: these are the elements that cleverly combined are able to make the office an airy, bright and functional space.

Space and confort: that is the new philosphy of Arcadia’s certified Quality. It creates projects which are inspired by a production focused on the research as a time of innovation, cosidered in conjuction with all that changes which constantly intervene in the construction of office space.

Arcadia, in addition to being one of the leader company in the italian partitions’ market, it also boasts a business system complies with the ISO 9001/2008.

Our values

• The creation of a strong team;
• A company valued on the market 
for  its flexibility , professionalism
and quality;
•An experience born from the 
continuous improvement because
training is the real push for growth.
•Imagine an office in the middle of
a space without edges;
•Having an idea and release it as it
was  meant: this is the true
freedom of expression;
•Satisfy  a wish, be flexible to the 
needs of the costumers, who
choose us to furnish their offices.
• Creativity  and projectuality: an
essential combination for  the 
production philosophy;
•Identity and creativeness: our
work is to improve yours;
• We are designing the present, 
thinking about the future.