Who we are

Arlexitalia was born in 1993, close to Venice, under the sign of Leo. The name comes from Harlequin, a famous character of the Venice Carnival, who wears clothes made up of a lot of small colored pieces. The idea was of realizing colored bathroom furniture, because in the Nineties furniture was just white or wood.

Mariluccia Baccin, the founder, comes from the fashion world, where collections are realized with fine clothes and many colors, so why not transferring those colors also to the bathroom world?

It’s the birth of the new collection, India red, English green, silver, turquoise, Provence yellow. This absolute news is proposed at Cersaie fair in Bologna and it’s an immediate success. Orders come from Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Austria, France. Colors are matched with Up & Down collection, a revolutionary model with a round shape, designed by Arch. Bertoncini. Mariluccia decides to buy immediately the rights of this project and to introduce this collection to the media. We still produce this model that was born and developed in Arlex and has been imitated by many Italian companies. Our Up & Down still distinguish itself from imitations for its originality and quality, features recognized in many Countries worldwide.

Another collection born in 1993 is called Tiepolo, made of cherry wood, with legs and mirror in colored Murano Glass with coordinated accessories.

The Company’s always been very connected to its Venetian roots and all products are realized with Venetian raw materials.

In our products, finishings are handcrafted by specialized artisans that dedicate absolute passion to their work.

We’ve created many other successful products, taking care to the research of essences and materials, special finishing and design. In the realization of each of them, there is al lot of enthusiasm, a teamwork where everybody brings an extra value to the process of the new project. There’s who draws, who creates the first prototype, who colors, who assembles, who modifies, who criticizes and who exalts it. At the end of it, the product is always a high quality one, because it’s 100% checked and tested in our Company.


创始人Mariluccia Baccin来自时尚世界,那里的衣服颜色很多,为什么不把这些颜色也转移到卫浴世界?这就导致了新系列的诞生,印度红,英国绿,银,绿松石,普罗旺斯黄等,这个消息是在bologna的cersaie博览会上提出的,实现了巨大的成功。订单来自沙特阿拉伯,墨西哥,俄罗斯,土耳其,奥地利,法国等。我们仍然生产这个在arlex诞生和发展的模型,并且被许多意大利公司模仿。我们的up & down 系列因为他的独创性脱颖而出,在全球许多国家都被认可。

出生于1993年的另一个产品系列被称为Tiepolo,由樱桃木制成,腿和镜子都用murano 玻璃作配饰。公司一直与威尼斯紧密相连,所有的产品都是用威尼斯原料来完成的。在我们的产品中,精加工是由专业工匠手工制作的,他们对工作有着绝对的热情。我们创造了许多成功的产品,关注本质和材料的研究,采用特殊的加工和设计。他们每个人都有很多的热情,每个人都为新项目带来了额外的价值。在最后,产品始终保证高品质,因为我们公司的每个产品都经过检验和测试。

Our values