Arredo di Pietra srl

Who we are

Materializing your ideas. Making them real with our own Italian travertine. 

Our quarries in Tuscany and Latium are the place from where our products were born: we extract our own travertine and then take it to our laboratories, where our craftsmen transform it into semi-finished and finished products. Blocks, slabs, tiles for both indoor and outdoor spaces to finish any place with an elegant touch. 

Experience and know-how made it also possible to go even further: we imagined and created a complete range of urban design products: benches, flower boxes, waste bins, chaises longues and many more solutions for both public and private spaces. 

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Our values

When we set our minds on doing something, anyone from our family, the Giganti, will put his heart and soul in it in order to do it at the best of his abilities. The passion and enthusiasm we put into the excavation and manufacturing of travertine products haven't changed a bit. Instead, we've been passing them on to each family member.

That's why we guarantee the highest-quality service and products through Arredo Di Pietra and its parent company Travertino Sant'Andrea, be it an outdoor travertine bench or an indoor flooring.
There's no difference, each of every product of ours is important, just like our customers' needs are.

Not only do we love carrying out our work in the best way possible and getting our customers' clients, but we also like amazing them with creative and high-tech solutions. We've learnt to experiment with our travertines over time, and we've also got surprising results. Everytime, we can't wait to share them with you.

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