Who we are

We design and produce seats and tables combining craftsmanship and industrialization.
We blend steel - leitmotif by tradition – with the versatility of polypropylene, the warmth of wood and the comfort of upholstery. We manufacture products for the interior and the exterior, durable and sustainable, paying attention to market demands and needs of designers, creating identification and unrepeatable collections.
All this is Arrmet, ideas become chairs, chairs become experience, experience encloses the treasure of the quality of our products.

Our values

Quality is the best investement we choose.

We believe that the company is made by the people who every day dream and invest their time to chase our vision, we respond to the commitment of everyone with care and respect for the environment around us.

We rely on certified suppliers, using wood coming from forests managed correctly and responsibly according strict environmental, social and economic standards.
Metal and plastic, infinitely recyclable materials are processed in facilities respectful of environmental legislation with constantly updated and improved technologies for pollution prevention.

The habit of listening and responding are for us the basis of every relationship with our internal and external collaborators, because they are infinitely important and timeless are also individual missions of everyone of us.
Arrmet works with ISO 9001 quality management system.