Who we are

ArtesMoble designs and manufactures in Spain an exclusive Contemporary and Classic Furniture Collection based on the hand craftsmanship and know-how of great Spanish joinery. Furniture suitable for modern life where design, tradition, technology and ecology blend perfectly to create each piece of furniture. High quality furniture that provides style, elegance, and simplicity to any setting turning it into a cozy warming, ecological and functional area.

Beautiful ecofriendly furniture that features simple and elegant timeless designs that will last in your home for years to come, thus it can be passed down from generation to generation, avoiding the release of more carbon dioxide "carbon footprint" into the atmosphere as a result of new furniture's manufacture.

Furniture collection that stands out for counting on the beautiful Spanish walnut wood as the main subject, followed by the robustness of the beech wood and other noble materials, like stainless steel inox and brass. Handcrafted finished furniture made through an exclusive and perfect finishing process to bring out the nature beauty of the Spanish walnut wood on contemporary and classic furniture.

Unbeatable furniture collection that dazzles in the high-end luxury furniture sector by preserving and improving the traditional know-how of great Spanish joinery for future generations.

The Brand was born in 1980 thanks to Mr. Luis Beña Payerpaj and his relentless pursuit of furniture excellence and perfection, by incorporating new technologies that respect the tradition of the Spanish joinery workshop founded by his grandfather Mr. Fernando payerpaj Reinoso in 1880. This influential history moved from handcrafting to commercialization of Italian furniture and development of Artesmoble company, to end up managing the prestigious Artespaña firm. Mr. Payerpaj goal's was always to create High Quality furniture from "A" to "Z" beginning with the raw materials, design, raw manufacturing, finishing and packaging followed by the best service based on an exquisite attention to the client. ArtesMoble is managed today by the third generation who is incorporating new technologies, designs and ecology to add value to each piece of the exclusive ArtesMoble furniture collection.

The high brand recognition and high quality furniture of ArtesMoble are supported by our demanding and prestigious professional customers, like Artespaña brand, as well as for the google customers reviews received from our website. Thus, making Artesmoble a Benchmark brand for those architects, decorators, interior designers and individuals customers looking for top quality furniture that combines style, design, tradition, technology and ecology.

Our values

Top quality furniture that combines style, design, tradition, technology and ecology