Arthur Holm

Who we are

2018Arthur Holm was created as the result of the combination of Danish design with the Mediterranean creativity and flexibility and offers an inspiring product range where tomorrow´s technology is shaped into valued materials with design flexibility and customisation, specially created to enhance communication, decision taking and collaboration in reception, conference and meeting areas.

Arthur Holm has its origins in the Danish furniture designer  Jorgen Alex Jensen who was active during the sixties and the seventies. His  design inspiration and his concept of ergonomics have been continued by his family, the design force behind the Arthur Holm product range. As a result, Arthur Holm proposes a wide product range of motorised screens and solutions to be integrated into furniture, built on more than 40 years of craftsmanship and with many possibilities of customisation.

Since its creation it has achieved important international awards in recognition of its innovative designs, quality of construction and unique functionalities.

The company uses first-brand professional components and high-end materials. It provides an extremely efficient structure and an experienced highly skilled team, being able to offer customised solutions for specific projects.


2018 Best of Show Award, 24" 4K DB2 and DB2Share

2018 InAVate Technology award winner, Technology for small group presentations, DynamicX2BC

2017 Red Dot Product Design Winner, DB2 and UnderCover

2017 Best in Show ISE NL, DB2

2017 InAVATION Technology finalist ISE NL, UnderCover DynamicX2

2016 German Design Award, Special Mention, Arthur Holm Dynamic3Talk

2016 Best of Show award InfoComm USA, Arthur Holm DynamicShare

2016 Technology Winner InAVation awards, Arthur Holm Dynamic3Talk

2016 Best of Show award, Arthur Holm DynamicTalkH

2015 Best of InfoComm USA, Arthur Holm DynamicShare

2015 Gold award Neocon, USA, Arthur Holm Dynamic3Talk

2015 Best of ISE, Arthur Holm DynamicSigantureDisplay

2015 Best of ISE, Arthur Holm DynamicX2

2014 Best if ISE, Arthur Holm DynamicX2 with built-in camera

2014 Best of InfoComm USA, Arthur Holm Dynamic3Talk

2011Delta Award selected, Arthur Holm Dynamic2

Our values

Design, innovation, craftsmanship, quality, creativity, and dedication to customers are the company’s values.