Who we are

Since its creation in 1984, the company CJCJ was always meant to study and carry out urban facilities, in response to specific needs. This expertise is based on our design / design desk, a flexible manufacturing tool and a qualified subcontractors network. Our desire is to bring you a relevant answer to each of your product issues.

In 2007 we developed the Image'In range for gardens, terraces, balconies, public spaces, public buildings ... IMAGE'IN is a range of planters and other furnitures simple design suitable for all applications indoor / outdoor, private or professional. The use of fiber-cement, a durable and maintenance free material, provides resistant plant containers to weather and harsh weather conditions (frost, rain, UV ...).
Image'In flower pots are custom made, in France in our workshops, to meet all needs in the best condition of quality and service. An unlimited choice of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, options and accessories.

For larger volumes, for applications of street furniture ..., we also offer products in sheet metal: STEELAB range, or also in traditional concrete or UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete - Ductal): CEMCO range.

Today we create SO GREEN WORKSHOP which aims to regrouger our various business lines and expertise to bring you the most relevant answers.

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Our values

Committed to environmental and social quality!

The ATELIER SO GREEN attaches special importance to the manufacture of its products. From material selection to finishing, each phase is the subject of particular attention.

We are working to bring aesthetic, sustainable solutions that will respect environment. The commitment is a core value of the company, which is expressed from its origins, through listening to the needs and expectations of our customers, so that through our design and product manufacturing processes. It is also a commitment that inspires all the company's initiatives.

A production made in France: Our workshop is an artisan company that guarantees a 100% French manufacturing. Our materials and accessories come from France and Europe.

A human commitment: WORKSHOP SO GREEN is located in Touraine in the heart of an artisanal area. We attach great importance to our local and skilled labor, the use of powerful tools, to guarantee the safety of our employees as well as the quality of our products.

A sustainable commitment: Engaged in a mode of rational consumption, we choose to use durable materials (cement fiber, Ductal concrete, stainless steel, two-component PU paints and top coat, ...) to ensure lasting quality.

A commitment to the environment: Invests for optimized materials management. The Eternit fiber-cement is an inorganic material that participates in green building through its intrinsic qualities. Eternit is a supplier itself environmentally responsible, ISO14001 certified.

Our polyurethane paints are manufactured in France. We use paints equivalent to those used in the automotive sector: LOW VOC ensuring compliance with the control law on the reduction of solvent emissions (2004/42 / EC). VOC value <420G / L. We do not produce paint waste; Indeed, all our paint remnants are used to waterproof the inside of our planters.

Attached to reduce falls (<10%) we use software to optimize cuts. Falls are reused for the manufacture of small samples platelets and presentation trays.

Waste from the workshop are sorted to be upgraded by specialized branch (rubble, paper and cardboard, wood).

Our energy-related managers allow us to better adjust our consumption to our needs.