Who we are

Behind the new brand AYTM is the couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen who has successfully run the company Gran Living ApS since 2004. ever since its foundation, the company has designed and imported quality home inteior for leading furniture chains and has extensive experience with trend spotting, development of its own designs, and production of interior for the home. This experience sould now prove beneficial in the establishment of AYTM.

Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen said: "We want this, and we think that we can add something new to Danish design! Therefore, we have invested heavily from the start - which is also reflected in the size of our first collection. We are so exited to show AYTM to the whole world, and we are confident that customers will be just a excited as we are."

Our values

A new season is upon us, so it is time to present the latest designs from AYTM for autumn/Winter 2016. A year has been by since we introduced AYTM adn your reception has been overwhelming. We consider it a privilege to be able to continue our journey with what has become a loyal and dedicated following over the past year - and give you all great new styles to give this season the perfect start.

The focus this season has been on making a natrual progression from the existing styles. So new materials have been introduced, new colours that will accentuate the season perfectly, and shapes and textures that will surprise you.

AYTM's continued goal is to give you luxurious interior design that is deeply imbedded in the Nordic style in a sophisticated and elegant manor. The balance between colour and material along with the simplicity of the designs create impactful styles that are now becoming iconic.