Who we are

We are a family owned company that designs, produces and sells street furniture for public and corporate spaces directly to its clients for more than 35 years.
We deliver our products globally - if you have any question you can always contact us directly.

We are proud to call ourselves not only a sustainable but also a climate-positive company. All our products are 100% recyclable after their decades of use.
A responsible approach to the environment is the basis of the ideas In our company. The stainless steel from which our products are made consists of 55 - 80% recycled material. During production, neither oil, nor gas, nor water are consumed. Responsibility here means more than just acting ecologically and economically. It is about making things better.

Our values

There is nothing which does not develop further, which does not adapt itself to new and altered requirements or which does not push ahead to open the door to the future. It takes courage to innovate as it means leaving known ground and reaching for new shores.


Our ideas are founded on our commitment to acting responsibly towards the world. The beauty of our surroundings inspires us to constantly see the role of outdoor furniture as offering people a place of rejuvenating tranquillity. At Benkert, responsibility means much more than just being ecological and economical. It means accepting the challenges of fulfilling the needs for a harmonious life together and being aware of the future. In the middle of Germany – in the city of Königsberg in Bavaria

We are always striving to make things better. To never stop moving forward. To couple progress with benefit. These principles are reflected in the way we manufacture outdoor furniture. The Benkert company‘s headquarters is the perfect symbiosis of nature and architecture. The Swiss alternative architect Mario Botta took his motivation from our philosophy to plan something other than monumental buildings and opera houses, but rather a production facility that harmonises aesthetics and functionality. Two features that excellently represent the characteristics of our products.

An idea is only as good as its implementation. That‘s why at Benkert, not only does planning and design take place under only one roof, but also the complete production process. There are also two key factors in that regard which ensure a perfect product: innovative technology and hand-finished products. Only once both of these factors are combined can a durable, sustainable product evolve that permanently affirms the decision maker‘s sense of responsibility. That‘s why Benkert outdoor furniture is always the most cost-effective solution in the long-term.