Who we are

Berndorf Bäderbau.
Supreme competence & most experience.

Between rich past and vivid future.

The product labelled with the bear indicates identity and has always been a quality seal for combining aesthetics and timeless elegance.

It was founded in 1843 by the industrialists Alfred Krupp and Alexander Schoeller as "k.k. private Metallwarenfabrik". The company became renowned as the first industrial manufacturer of table cutlery worldwide.

The foundation was laid for an internationally successful company - the Berndorf AG.

As a subsidiary, Berndorf Bäderbau has been a leading manufacturer of swimming pool installations since 1960 with its own subsidiaries and sales agencies all over Europe. Our stainless steel pools are the centrepiece of waterparks and recreational facilities in public space as well as spas of hotels and private residences.

Do not choose between ambiance or comfort, functionality or design. We are your partner to enable you creating harmonious and appealing water landscapes. It is our endeavour to realise your desires by means of an economic and customized overall concept.

We create vitality through initiative and creative solutions - dive into our world of stainless steel pools!

Our values

The customer is our focus.
We want to guarantee our customers optimized customer care, and want to meet with their requirements. Together with our customers and partners we develop solutions for experience baths and leisure facilities. Our aim is to create the optimum recreational value and enhance the quality of life. The stainless steel pool is our core product.

We respect our customers and suppliers
We consider our customers and suppliers to be long-term partners who develops solutions together with us.

We deliver the anticipated performance with required quality
We conduct extensive quality testing to ensure that our products comply to the stipulated requirements and standards.

Investments and innovations safeguard our future
As a stable and promising company, we are a reliable partner for our customers. We are constantly striving to improve and renew our methods and technologies, in order enhance the quality of our products and services. We believe that these measures sustainably secure our future and competitiveness - also to the benefit of our customers.

Development of our employees is important to us
Our employees are the foundation and most valuable linchpin of our company. Mutual trust results in an attractive working environment which forms the ideal basis for committed and confident employees.

We wish to establish a climate in which personal responsibility is the norm
We want each of our employees to take on their role and perform it with self-responsibility. We also consider intensive teamwork across all departments to be part of self-responsibility.

Our presence around the world