Who we are

Crystal manufacturer and designer BOMMA boasts high-quality products cut from the genuine Bohemian crystal.

BOMMA thus follows the rich tradition of Czech crystal manufacturing in the cradle of its birth in Svetla nad Sazavou. BOMMA combines traditional Czech glass craft with the latest designs and technology. BOMMA cooperates with leading Czech and foreign designers. Originally conceptions play upon the current design morphology and decorations variability using precise robotic cutting applied to the high-quality crystal.

BOMMA’s works are displayed in prominent Czech and international galleries, i.e. Modernista, Futurista, Gallery Mint, La Rinascente Milan and FBC London.

Our values

Our craftsmen and engineers combine traditional European glass tradition together with innovation & technology. Our designs have been awarded with numerous Czech and international awards.

In our Manufactory we combine delicate hand-blown glass in small to oversize dimensions with automatic precise crystal cutting on our in house developed robots.

We aim to have our crystal a symbol of quality, beauty and lasting value passed from generation to generation.