BORA Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG

Who we are

From the Bavarian town of Raubling, BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH is revolutionising the design and function of kitchens with their effective cooktop extractor systems BORA Professional, BORA Classic, BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic. The vision of “the end of the extractor hood” is what makes the founder Willi Bruckbauer an absolute pioneer.

The BORA principle is applied physics and no magic: Vapours and odours are suctioned away precisely where they arise - directly at the cooktop, straight from pots, roasters, pans or grills. BORA uses a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapours - both simple and effective.
BORA stands for the highest quality standards for its products and services. The fact that the production sites are based in Germany and Austria ensures that these commitments are fulfilled. Only high-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass are used. BORA product lines are globally sold only by trained specialist suppliers to ensure first-class service.

All BORA cooktop extractors are making it possible for you to enjoy new freedom in the kitchen. The perfect combination of a highly effective cooktop extractor and a powerful cooktop draws attention with attractive aesthetics without compromising the clear view. BORA is the perfect solution for every room. The cooktops can be selected according to individual cooking preferences. Be it ceran, induction, surface induction, gas or tepan.
The success of the company and its products is also reflected by the numerous awards and acknowledgements such as the “365 Orte im Land der Ideen”, the German Entrepreneur Award, the red dot award, the Plus X Award, the German Design Award, iF Design Award, the Iconic Award as well as the German Brand Award of the Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum.

Our BORA systems are only available from certified BORA partners. Please also contact your BORA dealer for price information. You can find a BORA dealer near you here >>>

Our values

Fresh air

Cooking in comfort
BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware, preventing cooking vapours from rising. Grease particles are trapped in the stainless steel grease filter.

Quiet operation

Significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods
Conventional extractor hoods blast out around 70 decibels (A) directly at head height. BORA, on the other hand, is quieter than frying a steak, even when set to the highest level.

Simple cleaning

Why make things difficult when there’s an easy option?
Cleaning conventional extractor hoods is a laborious task. BORA makes your daily life easier: all movable parts can be dismantled without any tools and cleaned in the dishwasher.


A focus on the bare essentials
Extractor hoods work extremely hard for a limited result. BORA boasts a 100% cleanrate at head height thanks to intelligently used flow speed and motor technology.

Best materials

High functionality and long service life
High-quality materials and excellent functionality join forces to create a premium system. We set stylish design standards by using pure stainless steel and heavy-metal-free glass ceramic.

Design freedom

Setting the standard for modern kitchen design
BORA opens up a new range of kitchen design options: Cook by the window and under eaves or on kitchen islands with no annoying hoods... BORA stands for modern kitchen design.

Clear view

No annoying head-height extractor hoods
BORA means freedom from the constraints of the extractor hood. No edges or corners at head height. No stooped stance. No limited field of vision. No steam to block your view or cloud up your glasses.