Bottega 7

Who we are

BOTTEGA 7 is an Italian company producing LIGHTING AND URBAN FURNITURE 100% made in Italy.
It was established on 2013 by a group of professional businessman who came from different backgrounds but share the same vision, values and beliefs.

Let’s think about a workshop where the most sophisticated artisans design and produce tailor made products to suit the customers’ requirements. A place of continuous research and development. A place where your ideas become reality.

All this and much more is Bottega7.

Our values

Bottega7 is an emerging enterprise, but it is established on its members’ long-time experience. We are proudly safeguarding the best Italian manufacturing traditions, because every breakthrough gains strength from its roots.

We carry on a constant research for new materials and processing technics in order to offer innovative responses to every requirement.

Street furniture has the power of affecting the way we live, promoting an healthier and safer outdoor lifestyle and social interactions. For this reason our technical expertise joined the Italian designers’ creativity and the Italian architects’ knowledge in order to meet the needs of our contemporary cities. An elaborate project of urban design has come to life. Discover our collections.

We trust the power of ideas. If you join our philosophy, our experience will be at your service. Our stable design team will be glad to support the development of your customized projects. Please, contact us.