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Who we are

BRUNE wins the German Brand Award 2017

The second time in a row, BRUNE won the German Brand Award 2017 Winner in the category Industry Excellence in Branding.

The German Brand Award had been initiated by the “Rat für Formgebung“ – a German design board, which had been created in 1953 by the „Deutscher Bundestag“ (Federal Diet) and founded by the “Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie” (Federation of German Industries). For more than 60 years now, the foundation pursues the objective to promote the competitiveness of German companies.

The German Brand Institute, founded to reinforce the activities in the area of brand management, is in charge of the implementation of the competition. The aim of the German Brand Institute is to reinforce the importance of the brand as a significant key to success of companies in the national and international competitive environment. With the German Brand Award, the foundation awards a unique prize for excellent brand management.

The complete BRUNE team is happy about this success!

Our values

Modern tradition since 1945 

For over 70 years, BRUNE® has proven that a traditional corporate culture is not opposed to modernity and innovation. Convinced that motivated and committed employees are the most important base for satisfied customers and excellent service, BRUNE® is keeping the solid structures of an owner-managed family business.

The effort to not only supply but to thrill its customers with high-class products and services has made BRUNE® the successful enterprise which it is today.

Every piece of furniture combines clever functionality with first-class design because BRUNE® not simply produces furniture - BRUNE® is Quality made in Germany.