Who we are

Cantoni is a brand in perfect balance between beauty and design

Behind the scenes of Unica by Cantoni lies the work and creativity of a team of professionals with their roots in the world of beauty and appearance, who express their vision in a product that embodies the concept of modern luxury.

Cantoni is a company based in San Marino boasting twenty years of experience in the specific needs of beauty artists and beauty brands of the highest calibre and its staff distribute Cantoni makeup stations with lights for makeup artists all over the world.

Over the last few years, driven by a growing demand for the design of retail spaces, Cantoni has started to shift its research into perfect lighting from the professional world to that of interior design. The synergy between the industrial design approach, experience in the field, artisanal attention to detail and creative flair has given rise to the Unica project.

Therefore, in addition to being the global reference brand for portable and lighted makeup stations, through its new Unica range of mirrors and small furnishings, Cantoni proposes authentic sculptures of light. Works of art and objects of design, the apparently simple lines of these objects bring into effect the purest concept of design, the point where beauty and function combine to meet the needs of actual spaces and people.

Our values

Intuition, creativity and experience, combined with technology, are what make every lighted mirror and consolles unique. Ideas, attention to detail and passion that we put into our work are what make the difference: the Cantoni products stand out for both functional and design details.

Cura del dettaglio e qualità produttiva esclusivamente italiana si sposano con la ricchezza emozionale generata da una illuminazione unica al mondo. Questo è il presupposto progettuale che guida ogni collezione Cantoni.

Our products exist and become successful thanks to the time dedicated to them by everyone at Cantoni. We work together to find the best solutions: we believe it is the best way to work, preserving the effectiveness of good ideas.

We love the way innovation has allowed us to improve. Numeric control robotic machines, laser and LED technology. Our products have become more efficient whilst remaining intuitive to use, as all the true products of design. Each one of our products must meet specific needs, be easy to use, reliable and attractive to look at.