CARIMALI design shower_space

Who we are

Place par excellence of deep intimacy, a gesture of love towards one's own being, interiority, care of thoughts, purification. In short: shower space.

Calflex was born as a manufacturer of accessories for taps and thanks to many years of experience it launches the new CARIMALI design water_space brand that combines the value of well-being and design with everyday life, imagining a journey that crosses places of living and feeling.
Colors, vapors, waterfalls, aromas and notes, which pass from the sense of welcome in a domestic living room and continue towards the magnificence of the classic, to then linger in front of the vigor of nature, the sacredness of an artist's place of expression, to the tender cradle of the waves in the middle of the ocean, to the dream of sharing and resting.

We draw inspiration from observation and curiosity for the world, letting ourselves be contaminated and also overwhelmed by everything around us:

by seeking interaction with different cultural disciplines, sometimes apparently distant from ours, we give life to a new vision of the bathroom, capable of interpreting and anticipating trends, but above all of interpreting their evolution as an intimate environment in which to express one's interiority and creativity with unique solutions.

The freedom to observe the world with a gaze free of conditioning allows us to have an innovative approach free from patterns and constraints and thus to elaborate expressive codes that translate into objects capable of overcoming fashions and interpreting reality through unusual perspectives. .

CARIMALI offers thanks to its articles an indispensable experience, which becomes vital.

Our values

Our values

Made in Italy: 100% Italian design, custom-made artisan products, materials and production processes are controlled locally, attention to detail, elegant aesthetic values, traditional and modern lines.

Long Lasting Performance: durability, continuous technical performance improvement, first-class production quality, inspectable products, easy maintenance.

Easy-Clean System: anti-limescale technology, only calcium resistant and flexible nozzles for easy removal of limescale.

Eco-Friendly: water saving, sustainability, ecology, good performance even with a minimum flow rate.

Our Mission:

Improving the quality of life and psychophysical well-being of people, through the creation of design products, without forgetting functionality and ease of use.

This is the engine that drives the company: a journey in perfect balance between past and future.