Who we are


Carlesso Srl, founded in 1960 by Mario Carlesso, established itself immediately in the lighting industry, providing a special care to products and a strong focus on its clients’ requests and needs. Combining tradition and innovation, the company has been able to skillfully combine the unique style of the artisan product with the exclusivity of the “Made in Italy”. The materials used, with particular distinction to porcelain and glass, have been and are carefully worked to create a high quality range of products. Over the years, Carlesso has become a benchmark in the field and has been able to perfect day after day the design and the functionality of its products. The second generation of Carlesso has proven to be able to seize new trends, turning every new stimulus into an opportunity to modernize the product. The original ideas put into play are united with an innovative approach, a perfect fit to the entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes the company. In the most recent years, Carlesso has progressively directed its attention toward the research of new materials, precious metals and fabrics to match the irreplaceable glass and porcelain. The professionalism and passion of Carlesso’s craftsmen transform each and every creation into a work of art, capable of revolutionizing the environment where it will be integrated. The opening towards international markets has been an additional achievement, not as an overcoming, but rather as an enhancement of the artisan identity of a company that continues to be a synonymous with tradition, quality and uniqueness.

Our values


The “artisan” approach maintained by the company, regardless of the requirements for modernity, represents a true artistic heritage able of giving value to the wisdom of the Vicenza’s Masters. Concurrently the originality of the finished product offers everyone the opportunity of choosing a design piece of furniture able to give prominence to every environment with an exclusive style. Carlesso’s offers, therefore, products perfectly suited to the specific needs of each client. The company has the talent to combine local traditions, such as blown glass and porcelain, with the research for a modern and up-to-date style and detailed decorations obtained through a manual processing technique enhancing the elegance and refinement of each lamp. The artisan’s techniques are applied not only to glass and ceramic, materials used by Carlesso since the birth of the company, but also to precious fabrics, like silk, perfect to obtain sinuous and refined forms and original light’s effects. In conclusion, the philosophy of the company, fully reflects the artisan’s vocation of the city of Nove and perpetuates its most authentic traditions