Who we are

Start everything from the crystal,
the most brilliant of materials - a white sheet with the unique gift of transparency.
Casali has understood glass and over the years has refined the art of making it live its full potential:
with a product approach that does not follow marketing research and with a design idea
able to create interior solutions and furnishing accessories that do not follow trends
current, but aim to dictate new ones.
With a conceptual evolution of interior design that is aimed at the final consumer e
it is based on a 360 ° domestic use of glass, ranging from the furnishing accessory to the
small and large partition.
With an exquisitely Italian know-how that translates into a sartorial design
innovative, thanks to artisanal and serial processes capable of transforming visions of beauty
of the architect and designer in crystal emotions.

Our values

Our vocation is to create durable products that always continue to communicate the unique charm and atmosphere they were created for.

Project Our purpose is to decorate with style melting together color and transparency. Our satisfaction is to transfer all our passion and knowledge in a product that remains in the eyes and in the heart.

Product Casali® is not an ordinary choice but quality and excellence in the style of made in Italy.
Rely on a Casali® product means to find the certitude of fully Italian production chain.

Our presence around the world